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I can think of many others things I would throw money at before this.

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  • interesting but there is too much going on from to many other bikes.

  • I had forgotten this bike, and the builder, was featured on Jay Leno's Garage. Really not my cup of tea. But it seems that they are many who think his bikes are beautiful.

  • Nope, not for me.

  • undeniably, a great sense of visual balance, as well as integration of modern and classic elements... and yet, why that dullard engine, why drum wires and why those upside down clocks? eh?

  • Slight sweeping curve to the exhaust pipes is unusual enough to be interesting...

  • Tack för erbjudandet. Det är inte min grej. Från en brödrost kan du inte bygga en Café Racer.

  • That' sa magnificent piece of art!

  • art? piffle....

  • 'Art'? Hahaha!!

  • the bike is ok... if 750ss never happen