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owls nest Llandovery.

  • may have borrowed it

  • My eye sights getting worserer, mine had scorps on lol, I'm beginning to think its nothing like mine now haha

  • yoshie,s on mine,big difference.

  • did u see other photo,in abergavenny. bike is cleaner on that one.

  • Actually it was Abergavenny i saw you, my mate parked his green one alongside yours.

  • We went bridgend to neath, over black mountains to owls nest then on to Abergavenny.

  • was that the one that had stickers on fairing under screen.

  • they tell me the blacks are not 2 good at the moment lots of 40mph signs going up and gravell on the road.

  • Yeah, think he covered it cos of stone chips.

  • I didnt enjoy the black mountains if I'm honest, not enough clear line if sight on most of it.