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I run a different set up on my KDX's, KX 500 number plate and rear fender, plus Kx 125 cartridge forks!

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  • Well I don't race,just trail riding.Ive seen a hybrid where he used the KX with the KX suspension.

  • oh yea, you don't have to get that crazy with it, but you can!

  • Its easier too,ha.KDX motor,pipe,other odds and ends Im sure..Nice light MX bike with torque

  • You have to upload it from your computer to the group so everyone can see.

  • That KDX on the photo, tell us the whole set up on it. What model you started with and how it ended up.

  • I had a pilot that would buy 6 Kx 125' motors a year from me in 1990, so I had complete rolling chassis. I started by swapping the forks, swing arm and linkage with shock and 19" rear wheel.they were also sent to Race tech for Gold Valves. the cylinder and cases were ported and polished by Pro Circuit. the bike was fast but when I stuffed the Carb off my KX 250 in it, OH MY GOD! a ROCKET! The following year I did the same with inverted forks the year before they came stock, the 125 forks were much better than the stock KDX inverted forks

  • I won 2 State Championships on that set up

  • Tell us about the KDX model rolling chassis you used and year, and how many of those did you used to make the same set up, and if other years too.

  • I would use current year bikes, 1990 KX125 and KDX< and 1991's and built 4 bikes a year. the guy that was buying the 125 motors was racing shifter karts, so I had brand new units to work with

  • Ok, Tony upload all your pictures here, I like those KDX models and love to see them here ...