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You've got to be impressed....well I was. Some sounds of scrapping so won't be doing on my girl. ha..ha....

  • With all the partying I went by this weekend, I would have done that with my W... and wouldn't even need the pins on the floor... just trying to get home.

  • Ws have more ground clearance than that HD does....much more, plus the Ws turning radius is tighter. See if you can get a copy of RIDING LIKE A PRO, either down load or DVD, the video shows you how to do that stuff......

  • Like to see a Goldwing do it......nah! the TV and Microwave would get in the way. ;0)

  • Dan Martynuick, an Instructor for the MSEP, University of Hawaii, set that up for us fellow instructors after he took the Northwestern course....I did it on my 83 Yamaha Venture Royale. If you are a skilled rider, and familiar with your machine (I had 200,000 miles on that Yamaha), that course isn't extremely difficult to negotiate....the deal here is, that guy is being timed.

  • Both films!