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  • I love the Norton, I love the NineT... I just don't think they are worth the money. Except if you are filthy ritch. .. Jay Leno style.

  • Yeah. Bikes (and cars too) are horribly expensive in my country. Otherwise, I could have a small collection... :(

  • Bah... I wouldn't mind a second bike... :/

  • I have an 11-year-old 125cc Suzi scooter, but it's as a mere tool to me. So, essentially I have just one 'bike' - the W, that is. Hoping (and working damn hard) to get another bike this year...

  • Have a kid :) and watch all your dreams fall apart... in exchange for some even better dreams and satisfactions ;)... with a higher bill, off course!

  • Buy a bike. Have children. Buy a sidecar. Children grow old and leave home. Sell sidecar. Have grandchildren. Get a sidecar. :-)

  • I had to read it again... somewhere in between my brain went to a "Sell children to buy a sidecar!"... probably the wine again... ;).. this time was a red from Alentejo... soft, veeeeery long in the tongue with a warm and cozy feeling in the end... (but it all started with a special edition Christmas "Belgian" ale produced here. It was recomended to go down with chocolate... but it never passed the entrées). The after holiday diet is going well you see.

  • Yes... Also:

    "Children grow old so kick them out of your home or sell the sidecar"

    "Sell grandchildren to maintain sidecar"

    "Become a member of AA or sell your W to buy booze" :-D

  • rather invite the members of AA but only if they provide for the booze... and don't sell the w ;)... never!

  • Great, now you sound sober again! :-)