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Got to ride the new bike to physical therapy today :)

And they thought it would be months before I could ride again after the accident. I guess the wanting to ride this season was my inspiration to work hard and recover quickly

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  • I know the feeling... the day I got cleared to ride (after my broken ankle), i was out there.

  • I know the feeling too after I tore my shoulder was out 3 weeks

  • Make sure when you guys go to ride use full gear to be protected

  • just a thought...full gear doesn't guarrantee zero damage. As I was in full race gear and only doing 25-30mph on track when I broke my ankle. darn kink at RAmerica. so yeah, I always do. ;) Can't wait to go back....

  • I was in full gear i didn't loose no skin or burns it was the way i hit the ground and rolled 3 lanes going 40mph tried to stop but loose gravel

  • Same. Always wear helmet and gloves and 90% of the time my jacket. I need to get better with the jacket.

    But again, same for me, my arm broke when I hit the back of the car that switched lanes. Collision happened at like 85mph. Instantly snapped both bones then lost control and fell. Had like almost no road burn because of the gear I was wearing. That's where it really protects you.