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  • My old w650 had that dent as well, due to some tosser opening a door on me when I was filtering. Poetic justice was that when I actually dropped the bike because of the wet roads, he got out of the car and tried to pick the bike up, with the exhaust! I have never heard anyone squeal so loud, happy days!!!.

  • Instant payback; One would almost like to put the bike down (y)

  • I've got the same for the same reason! :-)

  • Those pipes sure get phucking hot, managed to burn the tip off one of my Squid tattoo tentacles Christmas eve. before you ask i simply dropped one of my gloves.

  • If this happened ... "the forks turned fully left and then the signal stem was bent back into the tank" ... the fork stop would have to be broken off. Yes? Seems to me that would require a mighty hard crash.

  • Jerry don't know what to tell if you don't believe it can & does occur other than "give it a try".

    The bike I bought had minimal damage so I doubt the "heavy crash" theory.

  • Dave - Not questioning anyone's veracity. But as you can see from this blurry photo ... with my forks fully to the lefty against the stop the signal housing is 3 inches from the tank. And if it were possible to continue the arc it would contact the tank badge. :)

  • I can tell you for an absolute fact with 100% certainty that it was the signal stalk. I can also tell you that I got on the bike and rode it 60 more miles as soon as I got back up. The fork stop was definitely not broken

  • The stalk is flexible and will allow the indicator to bend back and impact the tank without breaking the indicator.

  • That's why I suggested folks ditch the stock signals w aftermarket. Dime City has some nice ones at reasonable prices as do others.

  • Oh, and btw Jerry Hall, if you look at my tank, I took the tank badges off. Might be part of the confusion. So, yes if the badges had been on, it probably would not have dented.