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  • watchu got there Holmes?

  • its that 1987 and 93 transfer...alot of the parts are the same such as gear shifter and kick gear and spring

  • transmission is sligthly different cause of the cogs in the gearing but you can use the same gears and cogs

  • its surprising how they say things arn't compatible..yet here it is...

  • Painted now..

  • yea that suff can wrack the coconut a little....what do u think u can expect provide you matched everything up? u think it's give you a different kind of power more curios than anything else

  • oh cant...reason why is cause of the clutch basket is smaller in the older bike then the newer one..but...i could have if i had the oil side cover...oh yes i can

  • i'll show a picture of the baskets beside each other

  • truely if i had enough parts..i could make my own kx lmfao

  • yea its noticebly smaller

  • i make a joke that i have 1.75 kdx's...ive got everyuthing i need for another kdx build expect forks, a swingarm , and a jug...right now im doin homework an an 89 rmx 250...theres a 300cc big bore kit that includes everything i need to build it up. So they way or another ive got a project bike...if its a failure i can still part out to get my $100 back...but i really think i can get her to run

  • that sounds interesting and challenging

  • John Cichon ....theyre supposed to be very kdx is great, I'll never get rid of it but i miss that 250 burst sometimes