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Final attempt to show pictures....

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  • Hav they..god knows how..cheers for all your help lol crazzzzy lol

  • They are all down the page ffs :-o

  • Ill delete a few now...oooops

  • Wait 24 hours and just type under this post "Bump".

  • I deleted them already :-p

  • Thanks...didnt meen to take up the whole page lol..

  • One minute you don't see them , next there was ninja's everywhere :o .... Ninja's are good at hide an seek ;) lol

  • Teresa.., it began with Sean trying to post a picture, and then turned into the Sean Gamble show ffs :-p

  • My bad everyone. .the pictures wernt showing wen I posted..then I did something. .And every single bloody post showed the pics lol

  • It was like fright night in reverse.