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Today I shall be riding the old girl to Kawasaki Autorama in Batley and then taking the new Versys 650 out for a test ride. Will I like it? Can I bear to part with this lovely thing? Can I persuade her indoors that a man needs 3 bikes? Lets see...

  • It's a completely different type of machine but it's still a Kawasaki...

  • Keep the ZZR ;)

  • I live in Dewsbury if need someone hold your hand lol.

  • No way you can get off the zzr onto a vibrating twin tub and be happy lol

  • I agree with bikes just don't have character like old ones good luck bud

  • Solution. :-)

  • only 3 :D

  • Well, I have to report, I enjoyed the ride and the deal has been done. They gave me a decent price for the old girl so I will be taking delivery of a new Versys 650 Grand Tourer in white with panniers, LED aux lights etc. in a couple of weeks or so. The ZZR is a great bike and I am proud & happy that I can include it in my 'bikes that I owned list'. For me however, it wasn't the right bike for me at this stage of my life. I have now, at the age of 52 and after returning to biking just over 2 years ago, finally figured out what i want from a bike nowadays. Being hunched over the tank and being constantly tempted by all that lovely licence-losing power isn't it I'm afraid, nice as it is. A weekend, solo, loaded with my photography & camping gear, getting to places that I wouldn't get otherwise is my plan. If anyone wants a nice, clean ZZR1100 D with service history, Autorama Kawasaki in Batley will have one for sale soon, that is unless anyone is willing to give me £1600 for it!