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  • It's a strong message indeed.

    I too wouldn't be seen dead on a Divi

  • Make it easier for a driver to see you and not keep disappearing from his mirrors by constantly changing lanes would be a good idea!

  • Agreed Les unfortunately it seems to be the nature of the two-wheeled rider, motorbike scoot or cyclist that filtering thing which they all feel gives them the big advantage in the traffic. But yea, it's a two way street though when we're out there amongst it it takes two to have a collision

  • Motorcyclists who also drive should know where a cars blind spots are I suppose. I was following a couple of young 'uns in the car on the way home from work yesterday for a mile or so. (They has pulled straight out in front of me on a roundabout, the second one was way too late) . I was observing their road positioning etc. and the more I saw, the further I dropped back. The 2nd one will definitely have an accident.