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Thought's guys? Love the cleanliness of the leds but wondered if they are bright enough?

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  • Any particular ones you'd recommend?

  • Martin has a link, but will try to find the ones i used.

  • These are the ones i use :)

  • You will need to change your indicator relay to an led one , but you have probably already done that. To allow them to flash at a proper rate.

  • Yeah already replaced, forgot how easy it was to get to. For some reason I thought it was one of the relays at the rear left of the frame.

  • The flashing fuel light one or the fuel pump relay :D lol Imagine the fuel lights going at a crazy rate :D

  • They normally do lol... Hate how early they come on, need to sus a way to wire in a normal gauge.

  • I prefer them ,better than a gauge that reads full for ages,then half for 10 miles then empty :D

  • Rob , next time you have the tank off if you take the fuel sensor out you can bend it a bit so it comes on later , also you can take the relay off and short one of the wires to ground and the light just comes on flashing