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  • Yeh the megaphone ones are nice (I'm sure that's what they are) the vance and Hines 43521 are nice as well (urban brawlers)

  • I got my Z1000SX done up with Full System Megaphone...... with No Regrets......

  • I got them too, but not the full system, I was a little afraid of the noise, I live 10m from the police station :-D

  • I still have stock I did get the Vance and hines but never fitted them thought it was inconsiderate to my neighbours as I regularly leave at like 5/6am with the bike at least 4 or 5 times a week

  • This Full System with Megaphone...... is very very cool......

    I do start my ride very early in the morning...... I just don't press too much on the throttle...... just go slow and smooth until i hit the road......

    Till now...... no complaints...... But my friend's Brawlers Are Super Noisy even the throttle are not press hard......

  • So my decision was probably wise then, there is no baffle in the brawlers as standard that's probably why although you can buy baffles

  • G&G very nice.

  • I have a set of brawlers they were on my special edition 2013, havent fitted them on the sx dont think they would look right. have tested them at half throttle to 120 decibels, baffles are 89 dollars ect. and lower it by 5 -10 decibels, any body want them black ones only done 150 miles £200

  • Brawler the best!!!! Luv the sound... u can use it to wake up ur lazy neighbor... ha ha ha

  • I have the full Arrow exhaust with sport filter and PCV unit,

    sounds scary with barrels and flare-ups, for now the neighbors do not complain