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  • he needed a hole stomped in his back

  • k that mother fucker out like a boss

  • Nice Victory Irish Esrc! I want the white and chrome Cross Country

  • no crome for me and mine is suede white frost nice flat paint just traded my 08 v2k in on it in febuary great deal

  • We looked into em last summer but haven't driven one yet

  • its not as fast but damn reliable only bitch is i hate the fairing i wear glasses and the buffeting sucks will let you know how i feel after the add ons for the fairing

  • Yea that's what I was curious about...figured the power would be less and wasn't sure how it would be with the fairing buffering or whatever. Gf didn't sit as high up as on the V2K either

  • i rode the 8 ball with no fairing and liked it better without but i like the features on the fairing mpg avg mpg timer clock 2 trip avg speed and radio is nice mostly fm and an i pod hook up as well as a mono air shock for the rear and i tell you the space in those bags damn the thing i love most is that it loves corners unlike the v2k this thing flyes around the corners and never touches the ground

  • i still want my v2k back just cuase it was fast as hell and lots of memories but she had 53000 miles on her and they wernt granny miles

  • Yea I'd like to keep the V2K and get the cross country