At what age do you let your kid ride on the back Obviously mine are way to...


At what age do you let your kid ride on the back? Obviously mine are way to young but just wondering

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  • "You must be able to comfortably reach the foot-pegs (and if that means raising the foot-peg mounting points to accommodate a child on the pillion seat, that is perfectly legal). If the rider is under the age of 17, they must have a parent or guardian's consent to ride as a passenger on the motorcycle."...

  • My young fella was 7 here in 2009. Had been on the bike for a yr by then. But we used to strap him to me.

  • Mine were about 6, short trips around town though, they're 8 and 9 now and will happily have days out on the bikes (my Mrs rides her own bike too) but I still avoid dual carriageways and motorways with them on the back

  • If in doubt.., use duck-tape :-p

  • Oh, That's what those four tie downs on backseat are for. Lol

  • this is what i've used with my daughter... because lots of kids fall asleep after only a few miles so this will retain them... no worry of loosing them...

  • Fall asleep on a Ninja? :-o

  • yep even now at 17year old she does... the ninja is too smooth... even ridden hard... ;-)

  • Hahahaha

  • I was 4 yrs old

  • But it all depends on what state and county ur in at least that's how it is here in pa

  • I was doubling a friend's daughter on the back of the 14 a couple years ago with the Corbin seat and backrest and we were averaging about 180kph and she fell asleep lol.she said "we were going that fast,I never noticed "

  • My son is 5 and I let him ride my bike on the back seat..

  • You may want to rephrase that, in Europe that means something very different

  • Good call