Assuming this is why my belt chirps

Assuming this is why my belt chirps?

  • Your belt is way to loose that's why it chirps. More so when riding double.

  • Bare speaks the truth.

  • I've had it tighter before and still get the point like it feels like it takes more effort for the wheel to turn...I just need the time to stick the panther on...working 12hr days don't allow that lol...I'll try running it a lil tighter again

  • I just evened out the adjusters, I had the right side backed off a lil more to try getting the belt to run in the middle of the pulley, then I tightened the belt a half turn on each side and just took it down the road a half mile and I didn't see the belt jumping around as much...didn't hear the chirping but still have the whining sound if I'm on the throttle or if I'm off the throttle slowing down but if I just pull in the clutch its not there

  • Very slight chirping once in a while yet...might try just a hair tighter yet

  • Maybe it's the same chirping I had, which was probably just the belt rubbing the front pulley side because of misalignment. Posted a video back then, I'll see if I can find it.

    This looks way too loose indeed, it's meant to be so tight that it makes the wheel turn a little harder by hand, don't worry about that.

  • Ok...cause I've felt other bikes belts and none have ever been as tight as I have it now

  • Can't find the video. I posted it in may 2011 maybe you can find it. The chirping was annoying as hell, I remember. Kind of embarrassing too, riding through slow traffic in little french villages filled with crowded cafe terraces...SQUEEK-CHIRP-SCREEEECH-CHIRP

    Anyw ay, to be safe, check the service manual for correct (measurement of) belt tension.

  • Yea it makes it sound like a pos lol hate it

  • Today I gave each side another 1/4 turn to tighten the belt and didn't hear anymore chirping...belt feels way tighter than it should be...if I get on the throttle decent I still see the belt does bounce a bit but the chirping isn't there