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What oil are you using in your 2015 Versys 1000? (when adding please state name, viscosity and full/semi synthetic)

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  • I had issues with full synthetic oil...that's why i'm asking...

  • Oic, well in that case I would recommend the Motul 5100 as I usually wear them

  • Motul 7100 full synthetic no problems.

  • Helpful. Thanks. I'll look for Motul 5100 as I'm about to do my own oil change for first time and it's before a long ride. Any other advice?

  • Lube the gasket on the filter with oil and tighten it by hand.

  • Do not fill oil over the max limit :-)

  • I would use the Motul 7100 if i was you Bj Hessler because the 5100 is mineral and the 7100 synthetic witch is better.

  • Ash Ulescu can you please elaborate what problem you have with full synthetic oil? Curious

  • i've put in Belray exs 10w50 and in the morning when i would leave for work, 1st gear was fine but when trying to shift into second the lever would be i would have to really pull on in or hit it gently a few times upward and then i could shift...also all other gears would snag until oiled properly...after a few shifts.. all gears would work fine..

  • I see

    The bigger the number (w50) normally suggest the oil is heavier

    I've tried Total 10w50 as well and just as you said changing gear is slightly harder and the engine runs slightly heavier

  • Driven hd50 15/50 weight in my 1000 Versys and my Concours 14. No clutch issues..

  • 5100 is semi-synthetic

  • That's what i wanted to say not mineral but semi.

  • Im a regular for motul 7100. Nice and zoomy

  • I dont fancy 100% syntetic oil. Mineral oil "sticks" better on metal

  • I use EP rated gearbox oil in an oilcan. Drip it onto every link once every tank of fuel. 12k miles out of my last chain and only changed it as upgraded the front sprocket to a 16t. Reckon this regime should provide well over 20k miles from a hard ridden, all season bike in miserable British weather.