As I sit here awake for the 700th night in a row I would love for someone to...


As I sit here awake for the 700th night in a row, I would love for someone to please tell me why my Kawasaki child won't sleep through the night. The nightmares and kicking the walls in his sleep are becoming too much to handle. My husband and I are losing our shit. I feel hopeless and feel like a sleep study won't uncover anything we're dealing with. Any helpful insight? I don't know how much more I can take.

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  • What is the connection between KD and nightmares/disruptive sleep? Why does that happen post KD?

    My son had KD 9 months ago and there are so many issues with his sleep...but he's also a 2 yo so who knows

  • We've decided itsPTSD. I've enrolled my son this week in therapy for anxiety. I blame KD for the negative changes in my once happy go lucky child.

  • Ptsd

  • Wow, this disease causes soo post stress! We are going on to a 3rd specialists (not including, being discharged from infectious disease) being added to his team of Drs. It's crazy & frustrating. He sleep walks some too. He use to wake & have night terrors more.

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  • In the study of behavioral sequels post KD they say night anxiety and night mares are a "common" side effect years later. We use melatonin to fall asleep but it doesn't keep her asleep. 7 years post KD we too are losing our minds.

  • Since I had KD I haven't slept well and I've been known to have nightmares. I have sleep insomnia now. Diagnosed.

  • Ever since KD when my son gets sick, he has night terrors, sleep walks and talks. He has Influenza right now and we were talking about the crazy things he did and said overnight. He then told me that he frequently dreams that he is very sick. He was 5 at diagnosis, 9 years old now. I think that anxiety and fear did cause PTSD. Keeping him busy with sport, family outings, things to do have helped tremendously. He is no longer fearful of everything, but every now and then that fear does come back. Thinking of you and your baby.

  • Missy, our son is 3 now. He was diagnosed at 4 mos old and believe it or not the nightmares started then. No one believed us without seeing iPhone footage. What does your little one tell you about night time issues, if anything? Our son is very verbal but doesn't seem to remember anything when he wakes up. Has it improved any? Our son is no better. It's multiple times a night and has shown no sign of letting up. Watching him sleep is so disturbing and heart wrenching.

  • I've never had bad sleep, actually quite the opposite!!

    I don't think we can blame KD itself on it. It is more likely to be PTSD from being in hospital itself?! I was used to being in hospitals as my mum was a nurse so being in it overnight wasn't a scary prospect for me at that age. I'm sure for some children it can be though.

  • Holy moly! This is why I love this group- my daughter was diagnosed with KD at 2 1/2 months old- the nightmares just started a little less than a month ago and she is 2years old. She will not sleep- she wakes up constantly crying of nightmares, stalls going to bed, talks about ghosts, bears with red eyes, it's been exhausting doing everything we can to get her to bed before midnight. I had never imagined this might be a KD issue from her week in the hospital.