Are they any shorty windscreens that exist for the Gen 3s Looking for...

Are they any shorty windscreens that exist for the Gen 3s? Looking for something small like this es/kawasaki-ninja-650-abs-2013 -15.jpg

  • I think you're going to have to modify something. Most people want bigger and wider

  • Why would you want to go smaller than original and get killed by wind?

  • Yeah, there are some scattered photos in threads on the forum where people have cut theirs down.

  • Sooo much quieter with a small screen/no screen, plus I think it looks better. The wind doesn't bother me, the turbulence noise does and I refuse to put a 4ft tall piece of plastic on the front to fix it. Haven't you ever rode a naked bike? The wind really isn't that bad physically unless you're on the highway for a long period of time

  • Get an er6n ?

  • I would have but they don't sell them in the US. I love the versys just hate the screen

  • Justin take a saw to the stock screen. Mark the shape you want with tape , and slowly cut it to the size you want. If you use an electric cutter, don't go too fast or you'll crack the screen

  • We cut this cruiser screen down after it got damaged

  • Yep I've town my dad's XJR1300. I just don't get why you'd get a tourer then remove the protection from the rain etc. But if you prefer it then ok. Just thought it was odd

  • Liam White I'm tall, so I kind of needed something larger. Otherwise I would have got an FZ-09. Those and the FZ-07 seemed perfect but felt cramped when I sat on them