Are these currently in stock in Cebu i


Are these currently in stock in Cebu i

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  • It would kill me to have a new Moto for 3 months and not be able to drive it .

  • i have a new bike here in america also , for only $2,000 i should get many years of use out of this little cruiser , considering i am only in cebu 2 - 4 months a year

  • just have to hope i get a plate for the bike

  • if not i will have to rent something and maybe buy a new bike on my next trip

  • I would rent a Moto if I was only here a few months a year.

    Moto are like gfs, leave them alone too long and they give many problems...hahaa

  • you might be right joel, but it is always nice to know you have one waiting there for you when you return home after a long time away, well at least we hope they are still there when we return , just like a gf

  • joel, do u have a saddle bag for your avenger? if so where did u buy it? i going to get one for my avenger. also crash guards.

  • any avenger group here in cebu?

  • saddle bags and side boxes with or without bracket available at Motoworld outlets, such as Motoworld-Cebu, Ground Floor The Forum, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City

  • thanks dennis, what is the price range for hard saddle bags if you happened to notice

  • Just bought soft panniers from motoworld , 4500 and look good on the avenger.

  • @ Dënnïs Baronda thank you sir sa sucks i can't use my bike just yet. conduction expired...still waiting for the registration.

  • At motoworld outlets, smallest hard saddle bags (side cases) "givi e21 & e22" at P6,000.00/pair,

    Universal sidebag bracket kit "givi SB2000" at P4,000.00

    Pictures provided, compliments of Sir JB Labayen