Are the front brake calipers the same on C and D models apart from the mounting...


Are the front brake calipers the same on C and D models, apart from the mounting bolts?

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  • both rubbish :/

  • Yes they are

  • So which Nissins fit?

    Fireplace I think, but which model?

  • Yep

  • Up to 99 fit

  • Any of them?

  • Yes, both the same, Nissan, late 90s Honda, Tokico GSXR 600 early K series etc, usually have all them in stock if needed, standard and alternatives

  • No, the D model ones are 5kg's heavier :D

  • Like these Colin

  • Lots of elbow grease!

    I think I'll paint mine.

  • Roland Black about 3hrs to do them

  • Don't they go off?

  • they have been sat in the shed for a good while since i have done them an they only need a minor buff up

  • Very nice , post a pic of them in 6 months though :D when the ravages of winter have had a go :O

  • isnt that what my 4x4 is for colin? :D

  • Are they lacquered?

  • no

  • I polished a pair of wheels ,one winter later they were munched, and i cleaned them off most days ! The frame is the only bit that takes minimal upkeep and stays looking good .

  • my swing arm has lasted well, even tho its changed now ;)

  • or vtr

  • Don't the mounting holes need tapping out to 10mm?

  • i got blackbird but don't know what year .. but they work so much better