Arctic Ocean the scenery is amazing


Arctic Ocean, the scenery is amazing!

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  • In Skibotn, Norway.

  • Going up the tundra

  • Now I'm going back straight south.

  • Yaasss--my Artic W Brother!

  • Oh yes, but a sister. And once again this is smooth sailing

  • Oh, sorry, early morning here on the West coast of the USA . . . and I'm mistakenly assuming every "non-american" name in this group is a dude . . .

  • No problems Josh. 2400 km so far and I still have to get down from here. Finland is so damn long country. We ladies have better seating muscles than you dudes, but this is getting a bit uncomfortable.

  • Yeah, I cheated and flew my W home . . . still 5200km (mostly) one way.

    Looks nice up there!

  • Wooowww.... wonderful scenery dude...