Appreciate the add Got a 97 KX500 and a 02 125 The 500 sucked up water and...


Appreciate the add. Got a 97 KX500 and a 02 125. The 500 sucked up water and will need a crank.

Here to read up on common quirks of these bikes.

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  • Lots of good info on this page and custom made parts that aren't made anynore.

  • you sure you bent the crank, as diesels do but never heard a 2t too

  • Well, the rod.

    But I don't have the knowledge nor the people in the area who want to take the crank apart.

  • where are you in this lovely world we live in?

  • Virginia, US.

  • Honestly Darren, I haven't read up on what to do yet for these things.

    I was thinking of just buying another crank but the 125 in the foreground (and a car not pictured) have been sucking all of money.

  • lots of guy's over in your area that can help you out, but I'm afraid the kx5 is expensive little princess when they go wrong.

    have you any pictures of the beast?

  • next time it's nice out I'll bring it from hiding.

    It's not looking good right now; she needs some love.

    I got both bikes from a buddy getting out the army for less than 500 bucks. I have over 50 hours the 125.

    I don't plan on doing much for the 500 but getting it back to factory specs but for mine and my buddies weight suspension wise.. and riding it at local tracks for a thrill.

  • Jarrod Clingenpeel send your crank out to be rebuilt and rebalanced!

  • Benjamin, to who?

    I'll assemble the motor but that's a bit above my pay grade

  • Millennium technologies in Wisconsin. Make sure they use Japanese OEM bearings and it's only like 60 or 90 bucks or something. I had them rebuild mine when I had gotten their 295 big bore kit for my 02 kx 250. Mines all ported with the head milled and it's got a lighter forged and billet cut connecting rod. Very fast bike I prefer riding it over my 01 kx500 any day! Millennium tech does great work

  • and is two good sources of KX500 tech info :-)

  • Thank you

  • Yes Michi Kay the Koyo bearings are OEM And great bearings. I've had some terrible bad luck with chinese bearings these companies cheap out with and sell rather than OEM. I had it out with All ballz bearings they said they were sending me OEM bearings and sent chinese instead. Then had the same issues with both wiseco and hot rod cranks the lower end or big end bearings they provide in their cranks are also Chinese crap and I will never buy another aftermarket crank because the last Wiseco crank we used the lower crank bearings burnt out in less than 5 hours run time and we looked and found the reason why is the cheap Chinese bearing burnt up and it was brand new. After that I went to sending my cranks to be rebuilt by Millenium but I sent my own KOYO bearing with the crank because even Millenium couldn't tell me where their bearings were sourced from!

  • 97 is a great year!

  • That looks like it's in great shape

  • It is. Thank you.

  • Thank you michi!

  • how many hours are on the beaut?

  • So the KX125 is gonna be sold soon and I'm getting my girlfriend a supermini and I'll be shopping for (most likely a Yamaha 250fx) a new 250 4t since Honda hasn't redone the stupid crf250r yet...

    In the mean time I plan on tearing the 500 engine apart so I can get it back running.

  • Benjamin, do they still offer aftermarket cranks for these?

  • Benjamin also, just so I don't google and end up with the wrong stuff.

    Link/POC for Millenium?

  • Not sure but everything is almost brand new. I had to have it!