Anyone tried the wd40 wax lube I normally use wurth and would like to know...

Anyone tried the wd40 wax / lube? I normally use wurth and would like to know people's thoughts. The wurth dry (never tried wet) is really runny and seems to fling all over but it does work too.

update one: I tried the wd40 wet chain wax. It dries white and is very visible. Bit sticky. I suspect it'd protect it from rust better but I'm not sure how deep it penetrates. I also imagine it could attract bits like mad.

I'll give this a go tomorrow after I clean the chain.

Update 2: added the wax, removed some I put on with wd40 chain cleaner as a tester (just one or two links). It required a brush to remove, the cleaner barely tickled it.

It's super white and caused massive amounts of over spray

  • I use it. It's seems no worse or better than any others I've tried

  • You do know to oil the chain whilst it's still warm don't you ? It doesn't fling as much

  • I think I might have oiled a chain a few times in 30 odd years

  • Wasn't talking to you ! You prat lol

  • Didn't see any other comments ya muppet

  • Just re read the post Ian doh

  • You would be surprised how many people oil the chain cold

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  • Never said I was normal

  • Tony , Ian and I both have a Staffy, so that's one reason we're both funny

  • I lube it warm 90% of the time.

  • Lots of things benefit from warm lube

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  • That's another website though Darren lol

  • Used both and both decent . However I've discovered 6t9 Dry chain lube. Found it really good.

    Bought a bundle of stuff via Club Kawasaki and got it all half price

  • Prefer the dry lube to the wax in the wd40. Just my choice.

  • Darren Elbrow After working at Durex I can tell you that isn't the case for most lubes.

  • can you shar e apicture of it after it's applied?

  • Sorry

  • Ian Atkinson

  • Tony Mitchell

  • This is it. The bikes still warm as I've just got home from work.

  • Hmm. That's similar to the wurth stuff and the previous stuff I used.

  • Ian Atkinson Hooman no go..

  • Very tired Staffy after a very long walk today

  • Yep much of a muchness but the 6t9 just seems smoother !!!

    Very little fling. On the other side of the debate I've got 3 tins of Wd 40 and they're getting used regardless. Any lube is better than no lube

  • Did not get on with the WD40 wax. Found it didn't last more than a 100 miles before re-applying. Chain was noisy even when just applied. I have a barely used tin on my shelf for over 3 years.

  • Take care with wd-40 (no wax) and o-rings in chain...the problem is the "penetration" function, penetration go inside the pin on chain and remove the sealed grease by the o-ring

  • It's not wd40, it's this stuff

  • I've stuck some on to try it. Goes everywhere when applying due to the force.

  • This is why I specifically mentioned the specialist line of products. Normal wd-40 causes the rings to buldge, as confirmed by the company when I emailed them.

  • It was the same for me, but then other chain oils are similar...but not quite so spunky if you know what I mean.