Anyone seen this wear on a Bridgestone Battlax BT020 stock tire here It s...

Anyone seen this wear on a Bridgestone Battlax BT020? (stock tire here) It's almost like a layer is peeling off? I've had rough or weird wear before, but not in this pattern. Will check pressure later but doesn't feel like it's too low.

  • I would put a new one on Immediately !!

  • I had the same thing with that tire. I kept riding with it. Later replaced it with the Avon contact. I would say better safe then sorry and go ahead and replace it.

  • I'm pretty positive that the ONLY thing you can do is put on a car tire. You're welcome.

  • I was gonna say put on a car tire lol...I think I will be once this metzeler 880 is wore out...I keep thinking bout it

  • I just went with a bias rear from vee rubber. Cheaper and they say more durable. $117 shipped. Been blasting around town and don't notice much difference

  • Dave looks like you rear tire is scuffing ..axle out of alignment

  • Thanks Bare, I'll check it out.

    btw. No way I'm gonna replace it just because of this!

  • that model blew out on me with wear at that level,,, beware

  • pressure is ok, alignment ok. Since I did the resistor mod, the tail slides out a lot out of corners. And I rarely ride long enough to warm the tires these days. Guess it's just that or it is the dual-compound transition. If it's the latter, it would mean I'm using up the last soft compound on the sides....hmmm powerslides anyone? :) I would expect this transition not to be so near the tire surface though, much deeper. I'll keep an eye on it!