Anyone running larger then 29. 5 tires. I m thinking I want to go bigger


Anyone running larger then 29.5 tires?? I'm thinking I want to go bigger...

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  • I have one from VFJ, it takes away speed limiter which also limits topend rpms, so you get rid of speed limiter and raise max rpm into the 9000 range, baby will scream, I've had mine 65-68 on dash with 28s so technically a lil faster than that bc of the bigger tires, so to answer your question, yes you'll see more speed due to no speed limiter and higher max rpm... As for how it does with the 32.5s, AWESOME! Especially the kind of riding me and my buddies do, we ride a lot if deep mud and swamps, it'll almost water wheelie lol

  • Yeah all we ride is water and mud. But I def. Need to snorkel the gas vent.....

  • Yes that nasty lol, been there done it lol, all my stuff is snorkeled to bottom of roof now, and it works bc it's been in over top of all 4 seat backs and drove out lol

  • Derek Farmer did buy your lift or make it yourself

  • High lifter a-arms with 2in lift and 2in spacers 31in tired

  • I built it. Originally was a 2" highlifter, when I built front upper arms I incorporated the same basic design as highlifters bracket into the mount on my front upper arms except u tweaked it a hair to get 2.5" of lift out of them, the rear is the highlifter bracket just like comes with kit. So 2.5" in front 2" in rear, 2" spacers all around, and front fed arms 2" and rear arms rearward 2", slight heating and pushing in on floorboard (2012 T4 has annoying nub on floorboard) and runn 32.5 outlaw 2s

  • I got 28"x10"×14" roctanes and i blow axles apart, how do u guys with bigger tires fair

  • How did you notch the frame in the rear?

  • I didn't, read up on Teryx forums, most people don't do the notch and are fine, I never broke an axle in over 2years running 29.5 outlaw2 wides all around, put the 32.5 on and broke a front, so rather than fight the axle battle I upgraded to rhino axles all around and keep my stockers for spares, but haven't had an issue since putting rhinos in

  • Between my brother and i we carry a warehouse with us