Anyone recommend engine oil that can last 5000kms I have tried Silcoline...


Anyone recommend engine oil that can last 5000kms? I have tried Silcoline & Rockoil... They sucks!

I heard Motul is a very good brand... Any comment?

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  • Motul 7100 10w40 fully synthetic

  • Motul 7100 10w40 fully synthetic

  • Amsoil. Everyone will argue about oil, but when there are legit tests, Amsoil is usually at the top of the list. Out of curiosity, what makes you say the brands you use suck - are you having the oil tested or what?

  • Shell Rimula works for me

  • brand..really good. My 650 clocked,110,000km .

  • Jim Colbert, hmmm... oil that can't withstand heat abuse. Doesn't give you good mileage... end up with shifting problem..

    Is that a good oil?

  • Finally change my engine oil. Using local brand oil which recommend by my friend that is a local distributor. Get a 15% discount on retail price for that.

    Will try out and see if these oil perform as good as what written on paper...

  • I was just curious how you had determined it.

  • How much a liter?

  • My shifting start to sound weird and loud "chuck" sound when ever shifting. After changing the oil... everything when smooth...

  • But it just don't last long and the shifting problem comes again... best I do is 4000km...

  • I'll PM u the price...

  • You all concentrate too much on the noises your bikes make.

    It's a fairly low tuned twin it'll run for ever on basic oil. I've even put cheap supermarket branded car oil in before when I've been really short of money. I never noticed any difference in the bike at all.

    The Kawasaki GPz 500 ninja my wife had ran on the cheapest oil I could get and it never had a problem and it was 20 years old

  • Hmmm... make sense... maybe we r too sensitive... hahaha

    Or too pamper our bikes...