Anyone on here most likely Bare Carr have any knowledge of the Euro Gear...

Anyone on here, most likely Bare Carr, have any knowledge of the Euro Gear conversions? The beast runs great, but the uber short 1st gear and short 5th are getting annoying.

  • Best mod you could do.

  • John Howard and take a look

  • It turns out that my local Kawi dealer can order the gears in from Cali. $143 a piece, some gaskets and beer- she should be out embarrassing Victory's in no time.

  • Looking at the chart it looks like merely reversing the stock gears gives a better ratio, at least as far as lowering RPM's.

  • Let us know how that works out for you.

  • Just did my gears.What a diffence. I called 3 different dealers. None even new what i was talking about. I found a company on one of the fourms that had them for 90 a piece.they also had the gaskets and the concave washer to take slop out of the forward gear. With that said i just looked everywhere for the paper work and can't find it. If i find it i'll post it.Check the vn2000 fourms. there old but still have alot of good info.

  • Here's the info I have gathered so far-

    16085-0033 48t gear

    16085-0027 44t gear

    11061-0018 gasket

    11061-0017 gasket

    Those are Kawi part numbers.

  • jerry berry where did you find the gear for 90 each and do this ship

  • she should be embarrassing vic's and hd's now even with the euros

  • http://www.powersportswarehous just ordered everything needed including the washer for $251 delivered

  • I still haven't found my paperwork, but powersport warehouse rings a bell.