Anyone lower their z800 yet


Anyone lower their z800 yet?

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  • I done it with my old z750 and just used lowering links.

    Made things soo much better.

  • Ok kool was it 2 inch drop

  • Yeah 50 or 60mm i think. It was a few years ago now and i dont have the bike anymore though.

    Im not exactly tall so it helped heaps for me and the bike could take off a lot better as well.

    The brand i used was lust racing i think

  • Thx ill order some just making sure I didn't need anything for front

  • Yeah bit hard to lower the front haha.

    Theyre cheap and easy to install so if you dont like them you can change it back without much effort

  • Right now my toes are touching without much control lol

  • I know with my zx10r that the links have a nylon bush in them.

    My z750 never.

    Yours is a bit newer model then what i had so just have a look first and make sure you're buying the right ones

  • Haha yeah. If i didnt wear my bike boots i only had my toes to use as well.

    The links helped with that

  • I bought these hope its right ones!

  • Adjustable is the go id say.

    Mine were just one length.

    They should be fine.

    You'll notice the difference. Just dont go screaming into to the corners getting the knee down to much.

    Scares the shit out of you when your foot pegs hit the first time after lowering it.

  • Oh ok these have 4 different setting up to 2 inch

  • I bought a 2 brother racing muffler also solid black

  • Thats what i put on my 750. Definitely a good exhaust. Sound aswsome!

  • I have a pair im gona take of my bike neext weekend (bougth my 800 with the lowering kit) and are gona set it back to normal next weekend. I can send you those for free. Kawasaki original loweringkit. Im about 182cm and I can sit with my whole fot down with sligtlhy bent knees. Excuse my speeling.

  • I've already bought some are they hard to put on?

  • I have a couple of jack up kits that I have never got round to fitting. Been told it is pretty simple coz I have an abba stand. Raises my rear through the main swingarm pivot rather than the arm itself. So the suspension isnt in compression and hangs free so easy enough to work on. Like i say i havent done it so cant speak from experience.

  • Na not at all. Dont have the swing to hang free cause then you have tension down instead. Remove the Bolthead so you only have the bolts left then ask 2 friends to lift the rear end up and dont lift the swing, at some point when They lift the bolts dont have tension and comes out easy. Remove the bolts and links quick then fast but in the top bolts with the new links then ask friends to lower it until the bottom bolt slides in easy. And never let the bike wiegth rest on just 1 link so ask som strong friends that can manage to hold the rear end up for a minute or two. Or IF you have some sort of device like a engine jack you can lift the rear end with. Hope you get the picture and excuse my speeling. My swedish autocorrect dosent like english :P

  • Thx for the help ill put these ideas to use when I get the parts this week

  • Marco Hallgren just messaged you :)

  • Got my kit yesterday