Anyone looking for any part bolt plastic fastner screw etc google Cornwall...

Anyone looking for any part, bolt, plastic fastner, screw Cornwall Kawasaki, scroll down click on their website and click on Kawasaki parts..Got every single part listed,marked with a part number,click on the part/part number u require and away you go, also the price listed too..It's excellent FairPlay, I've bought a couple of little fasteners from my settee and its simple..Excellent site and cheap..Very handy

  • Also MSP Motorcycle Spare Parts ... I've ordered spares from them ...

  • Ain't tryed them Paul..the reason I wrote that post I went to m&p's for a nut an bolt for my Zzr and they cudn help, just said go to a local ironmongers shop and get one

  • I used cornwall kwak for parts for my 2001 zx6r. Had everything i needed, fuel filter, vacum hoses etc.

    Highly recommend.

  • I've used them a couple of times....very professional and quick service..

  • I use Cradley Kawasaki, they have the same Web site that sells every nut, bolt, plastic fastner or engine. All genuine Kawasaki parts. I've used them loads of times.

  • Yes same type of setup Lee, buy any part u want without leaving the house

  • +1 for cradley Kawasaki, pleasure to deal with. Great service

  • I've used both of these over the years (I think I first used Cornwall back in 1996) and they make life VERY easy!