anyone know which bike does this emblem belong to


anyone know which bike does this emblem belong to?

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  • I have a w1 and the workshop manual and the factory parts manual. Never seen that badge in any of it maybe it was optional accessory but that's not the w1 tank badge or side cover badge.

  • Maybe, just mayyyyybe, it's originally a badge somewhere on a Kawasaki aircraft back in those days! It's not impossible... ;)

  • Might be. Anyway I sand a email to one of the Kawasaki japan dealership. See what is his reply. Wish me luck :)

  • A really nice example of a Kawasaki Aircraft badge on a Kawasaki bike... Factory-fitted and not an added-on badge by the owner, of course.... ;) php?f=39&t=5368

  • It could be an earlier series bike and could have been only on home market machines?

  • Could be too. There are so many JDM machines that are released to the world after some time in their home market. Some were never released out of Japan at all...

  • So, it's not wrong for me to assume (out of laziness) that the supposedly 1960 badge could be from Kawasaki's range of aircrafts... :P

  • Yes, it is wrong to assume that. That badge is a tip of the hat to Megura who Kawasaki aquired and took over producing some of their existing bikes.

  • I know I know.

    I hope someone can really find out whether that 'Kawasaki' badge was from any of its bikes, its other machines or simply an aftermarket accessory...

  • Kawasaki has made MANY MANY other products over the decades other than bikes and aircraft ... . I haven't seen this on a Motorcycle