Anyone know where sells the fairings for the ninja 300 I need the mid right...


Anyone know where sells the fairings for the ninja 300? I need the mid right fairing (white ) and how much it costs?

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  • Shaun Edmondston .., it really is that simple.

  • A follow up to this post is that Lawrence Lin went and splashed out on new fairings.., but he still has the old one.., so he is contemplating "over the winter" repairing the damaged one and making a shit load of cash for himself ..., result :-D

  • Result indeed!!

    I have a couple of little cracks around the mounting hole on one of my fairings. I am very tempted to have a go myself at fixing it ... Quite excited at the prospect of trying it actually!! :)

  • Shaun, what have you got to lose?.., its like I say.., you will gain a new skill and save yourself a load of cash.., go for it bud and if you need any help.., just say the word and I or another member will be right here with you every step of the way :-D

  • I remember when fairings were made of fiberglass.., now that shit was tricky.., but these days they are plastic and alot easier.., you cant fail.., just follow my tutorial and you cant go wrong.

  • Thanks so much Andy - I really appreciate your help. :)

  • :-D

  • Life's lessons are for sharing Shaun :-)

  • Otherwise whats the point? :-p

  • Totally agree Andy - unfortunatly not everyone sees it that way these days!