Anyone know what this noise is

Anyone know what this noise is?

  • could be the metal plate behind sheave or the one way bearing..the belt cover is the support for the shaft and will cause the shaft to flex enough to chip the wet clutch shoes and/or make the oneway make noise if you run it with out the cover

  • It was making it before I pulled it but my shoes are out or the service limit so I'm going to I assume it's just too much slack

  • It all started after I smoked the belt really bad twice and a couple times after that after which it was a real jerky to take off but smooth out could the jerkiness have caused the shoes to wear that quick

  • ..the jerking came from the belt...bigger tires with no ratio reduction will wear them quicker and using aftermarket oils...did you take the pri apart...could be a piece of belt in it

  • Yes got it clean I got jonhs weights and his primary spring been good but I removed the bolts from the weights for more RPM for the larger tires and all was great till I hit quicksand then I had to rev it real high for it to grab and pull me out that's when I smoked the belt then about 10 min later I heard the clanking just figured I shredded the belt because that's what happened to me with the stock clutch

  • Have you run it without the primary clutch on it to see if the noise is still there?

  • Sure did mike no noise at all I'm going to replace the shoes on the primary. Sorry I forgot to delete it