Anyone installed the OEM heated grips I got mine and it looks like quite a...

Anyone installed the OEM heated grips? I got mine and it looks like quite a project.

  • Nope I installed AME grips easy as

  • They're easy, just plug and play. Just your LHS tank panel to come off

  • Got the Oxford intelligent grips. Way better than the Kawasaki branded ones. Had a loan bike with the oem ones fitted whilst my bike was being serviced, the Kawasaki ones hardly seamed to get warm. The Oxford ones I can only run at about 40%

  • I get that there may be better options, but I already have the OEM heated grips and was just wondering if anyone had installed them and had any issues. If I don't like these I will definitely look into the other options.

  • No issues from mine, and they definitely get warm enough

  • Did you have to take the gas tank off? I'm just trying to figure how long it will take to install them.

  • Noooooooo. Definitely not. Just the LHS coloured panel and routed the cables with the other wiring going up to the ignition etc. Took maybe a little over an hour. The connector block has (should have) a blanking connector in the end. It's on a hook just below the fuel tank.

  • When I installed the gear indicator those blanking connectors were hard to get out. That doesn't sound bad. Thanks!

  • No worries

  • I like the cleaner look of the AME ones, but I still haven't gotten a set yet. I hate the look of that add-on box, so clunky. But no, to actually answer your question, no experience with installing the OEM ones.

  • Easy as heck. Hardest part of the job is getting your old grips off.

  • I have used the air compressor to get them off before. Usually makes it pretty easy.

  • AME stands for??

  • I have no idea.