Anyone have issues with shifting from low to high or reverse When the teryx is...

Anyone have issues with shifting from low to high or reverse? When the teryx is on its very hard to shift but when I turn it off I can shift... Also it's running even when I dont push the gas If Im stopped I need the e brake on or it will drive feels like its geared extra low for some reason. What could it be?

  • Metal

  • Something didnt come up through floor board and bend cover into clutch? Like stick rock fence post

  • Na no rocks or sticks. We were at river run. Im snorkeled but never had this issue in water

  • Its like ur clutch isnt releasing all the way, might also be because its idoling high too

  • Maybe cable is sticking from rust or dirt

  • Time to tear down

  • More than likely, it is high idle that is causing it. With the engine off, try pushing the pedal to the floor a letting it snap back. You might try fiddling with the cable as well.

  • Simple fix. Look where the cable is coming out of the firewall and you will see the cable has a funnel/bell shaped Ferrell that collects dirt and water ( terrible design). Spray some lube in there and problem should be solved. These machines will not shift if idled up even slightly because of the wet clutch design. In the winter the cable will freeze too. If it does spray starting fluid in the same spot. Good luck!

  • My polaris was the same way when the clutch was dirty

  • Wet clutch is totally different than po po

  • Yea because the teryx dosnt have dry clutches

  • Well 2013 and older T2s did not have wet clutches. It started with the introduction of T4s. In 2014 the T2s were redesigned using the T4 platform