Anyone have a set of these for sale That won t break the bank Any quality...


Anyone have a set of these for sale? That won't break the bank. Any quality brand will work..thx

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  • Would love a set on mine, they look great with the cartridge on

  • What length do you want?

  • Prefer stock length. What do you have?

  • I think we have a pair of YSS RZ362's somewhere. They are 340 +10 so about 15mm longer than stock on their shortest setting. Here is the bike with them fitted. Removed when bike was sold on.

  • Hagon are good and look more authentic.

  • Looking for piggyback shocks. Thx anyway

  • no probs, not sure where they are in the workshop anyway so you've saved me a hunt!

  • Jeff Stokoe if you could find them I may be interested...?

  • UK

  • ..I'll see if I can dig them out. They may have gone already if someone else has taken a shine to them in the workshop. I'll go have a rummage 'round.