Anyone got the drawings or dimensions of the spacers needed to fit 04 zx10...

Anyone got the drawings or dimensions of the spacers needed to fit '04 zx10 swingarm into zxr750l frame?



  • I have one in my P model obviously a different set up to the L but I just picked one up for my L and I have some drawings that have been told are the spacers required to make it fit but I haven't done any measurements as yet ( that is the task for this weekend) Will post them shortly

  • Not sure if these are correct , will know more after the weekend

  • Brilliant. I'll let you be Guinea pig and try 'em before I fire up the lathe!

  • What year is the L model?

  • '94

  • Okay no problem I have a 96 so guessing they will be different you will need spacers for the shock linkage aswell as the swingarm mate

  • L and p arms are basically the same. What spacers did you use on the linkage as may get a p model linkage as meant to be better than the L

  • I have the p mode linkage shock and swingarm still.

    I had all my spacers of a friend they were custom made without ripping it apart I couldn't say but I will try and find out.

    Got mine up for sale ATM as want something different you doing the front end aswell?

  • Just put an 04 zx6r front end on. Saved masses of weight. Wanted to do a J model swingarm on the back but people want silly money for them so going with the zx10 arm

  • You can also fit a Millie swingarm in as far as I'm aware, I did the 05zx10 front full ktech internals and r1 gold spots. Needed tapered head bearings to fit it all then I have a custom clock mount with the lock stops built into it