Anyone got any tried and tested ways of stopping original exhausts from rusting


Anyone got any tried and tested ways of stopping original exhausts from rusting?

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  • Yeah your right it would probably look silly.

    Back to the drawing board lol

  • I read that wrapping exhausts can speed up the rusting process as the wraps trap moisture between the metal and the material.

  • Mines is from a D7 and has been welded twice .

  • On mine, the collector rusted and started blowing. I was lucky enough to find another standard system which had tatty silencers, but the downpipes and collector were sound, so I cut my silencers free and welded them to the secondhand down pipe and collector assembly. Being a fabricator/ welder, this was easy enough for me. I then gave the downpipes and collector a number of coats of heat resistant matt black paint, and this kept the assembly in good order up until, and beyond, the time that I (regrettably, with hindsight) sold the bike. My previous bike to the ZZR was a Honda CBR1000 Hurricane, which was fitted with a stainless steel downpipe and collector assembly. What a pity that the standard ZZR 1100 system is like it is (with one silencer welded to the downpipe and collector assembly), making the possibility of a stainless replacement for the standard part far less likely than if, like the CBR, both silencers were separate!

  • Stop rust buy stainless steel

  • I did, fit and forget. Magic stuff, stainless.

  • Mine is un-molested, original and in fairly good nick. Mind you i'm fairly sure it spent the first 10 years or so of its life in spain (that'll help). Doesn't stop me fancying a stainless system though.

  • I wonder if there is such a thing as vht laquer paint

  • Yeah, Just waiting for the right system at the right price at the right time.

  • Heard that too. Mine failed when I bottomed her out on a naff road in Yorkshire and it split on the collector. Replaced with Black Widow ZZ-R1200 headers and OEM 1200 cans. Kept the originals though, awaiting welding at work.

  • Yea Vaseline put it over the exhaust after cooling down wipe before doing this

  • The rain can't get through the Vaseline and its great for the body chrome