Anyone got a rear shock they don t need anymore One of mine has popped and...


Anyone got a rear shock they don't need anymore? One of mine has popped and leaked fluid.

Its an A model with the fuel gauge

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  • hey i had that problem to just replcae both of them does not cost much :) and rear shocks ar all the same on the er i think

  • Pretty sure there different on the c model

  • I replaced the right one not so long ago. I should have bought a pair. Just thought someone might have one kicking around I could buy

  • C model is slightly longer. Replace both your shocks together, or it'll be dangerous. Pattern replacement is around £80 a pair I seem to recall, but when I had this issue I upgraded to hagons from wemoto. Shocks are easy to change, just make sure you use thread lock on the bolts going back in, and torque them up right. Hope that helps! :)

  • Its my winter hack so i don't really want to spend too much on it. If someones got a stock shock lying around ill buy it

  • You really have to replace them both as a pair mate. If one is really worn, and one isn't the bike will be lopsided. It'll throw you off in a corner. I mean, your safety is your business, but I can't stress enough that it may kill you.

  • Ahh, sorry, I didn't read that reply. Yeah, if you have two new ones you'll be fine.

  • I thought it was only people from Cardiganshire that would be tight enough to consider replacing one shocker.

    Visited my Uncle Idwal there one time, he was scraping wallpaper off. I said " bit of decorating Uncle Id?" he said " no boy, moving"!

  • Mortgage, family, one wage and three bikes and my er is a winter bike. Things get replaced when they break on it im afraid

  • It's tough mate, I can see you're a youngster. Where you are, I have been. All I can say is, as long as you are fortunate enough to stay in employment it will get easier as you get older. I'm nearly 60 now, and it's only these last few years that I've been able to indulge myself.

    Nice guitar! I'm a former singer/ guitarist too! Still got my old Burns Trisonic.

    Happy riding, and stay safe!