Anyone going to Sturgis in August Anyone with a car tire that ll let me take...


Anyone going to Sturgis in August? Anyone with a car tire that'll let me take er for a spin to see if I wanna convert to the darkside? Lol

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  • I wish to be there....

  • Im not going to Sturgis this year but if you want to save some money make the move. I only have about 1500 on my car tire but i love it. Lots of posts on here with valuable info.

  • I haven't seen anything bad other than it takes a lil more effort to turn...I'm just really buddy has a Honda Shadow Ace and I told him about it yesterday now he's really curious as well...looked up videos and what size he could go up to on his...I just put a new tire on last fall so I won't be ready till this fall or maybe next spring

  • If you're ever in southern idaho feel free to stop and pickup my keys!

  • Do you ever ride in NW Wisconsin if so we can meet up.

  • I will be at Sturgis but if we can meet before it mite be better.

  • Your going to have to trust all of us that have made the won't regret it.....32,000 miles now on Michelin.....converted 2 years ago.....there are probably 3 positives to 1 negative going darkside.....actually I can't think of a single negative from my experience

  • At 300 mile I was still nervous at 500 I was comfortable at 1000 I didn't think about it. After that it was back to grinding the boards and ringing my bell in the turns.

  • I haven't had my bike up in NW WI but I been in La Crosse when I was seeing a gal from there

  • So the side wall flexes for a better ride but yet sticks like blue in corners, huge contact patch for brakeing and stopping for unexpected hazards (you will love how fast you can stop), a tire that accually meets your load requirements, half the price 10x the miles, no brainer, go to youtube and look up darkside, I'd rather have $300 in the tank for riding rather than spending it on the back end every spring ...