Anyone fitted a R g radiator guard and r g headers guard below it How yur...

Anyone fitted a R&g radiator guard and r&g headers guard below it ?? How yur supposed to cable tie top of the radiator guard I'll never know, no room wat so ever..The bottom guard I Cudn even get on at all once the rad guard was fitted..

  • I have, its a pain for sure but possible with only a small amount of skin loss!

  • I'll have to av another bash didn look like the 2 Wud fit on together..wait to calm down then I'll attack it

  • Fitted them to mine. Getting the cable ties on at the top is a pain, but the downpipe grill isnt to bad. Its all just fiddley to do

  • Take out the top infill panels under the handlebars, one each side, you can then see the top of the rad. The issue I had was the plastic infill panel that the horn bolts through, it rubbed on the rad guard when I turned the steering so I had to modify it with a dremel.

  • I tried fitting the R&G guards and gave up I didn't think they were a very good fit and ended up fitting evotech radiator guard excellent in my opinion

  • They are a pain to fit on most bikes I gotta be honest, just no room to work in..the radiator guard went ok ish, but cudn get the lower one on and patience was wearing thin so quietly placed it back in the box for another day.. Ha