anyone ever run a 43 15 44 15 gearing What are you running and how s it work...

anyone ever run a 43/15, 44/15 gearing. What are you running and how's it work for what your doing?300ft, and 1/4 mile .Thanks.

  • Kx500 1991

  • The tallest ive run was 17/35, running 17 inch wheels,that was for road racing, had no problems

  • Very good how bib it take off?

  • Not a problem

  • ↑↑↑↑ That's cuz its a KX

  • Copy that Jeff Grawbarger!

  • Its an rm 250 frame & seat,rear suspension, cr250 tank, kx500 motor & frt suspension.

  • Was a really easy conversion, its much better than the kx chassis..

  • Tank looks fast.