• Anyone ever relocate the ignition switch on the train headlight models

    Anyone ever relocate the ignition switch on the train headlight models? I did a quick search and didn't find much. Want to put a radio system up front and the ignition is just in a bad spot.

    • Interesting. I'm assuming the resistor is to mimic the factory setup. If I use the factory ignition tho would I still need the resistor ? Or is the stock ignition impossible to reuse elsewhere.

    • There's a lot out there to relocate it down on frame..i,can't remember where but was kinda expensive

    • This is my radio in tsukayu.com 6x9 bat wing fairing. I didn't have a problem.with the ignition switch location

    • I know the GPS version is a little lower, but haven't seen anyone try it yet..I wonder..hmm

    • Bolt right on with windshield brackets or need mod?

    • Colt Hall, the only mod is you need spacers, the same thickness as ones on oem windshield mount,. I also used stainless steel washers and bolts with locktite

    • You can use the factory switch anywhere on the bike by extending the wires. It ugly by itself. If you can find a shinny cover of some sort

    • Cool..I have windshield..thinking I'll make mine a full tourning bike sometime though..thx

    • With that many parts needed, maybe you'll find what u need here.


      I'm waiting for a running goldwing with good frame I move all.of.my gl1800 parts to.

    • There's a kit made by Road Krome (I think?) that moves the switch to just above the horn.

    • Some folks on the Vulcanforums.com were going keyless, using RFID. Including a guy that used a garage door opener RF transmitter and another that uses turn signal and handlebar switches in a sequence.

    • Ok so where do I buy one of these magic resistors and is there more specifics I need to know ?

    • If you know the specs, then radioshack.com. for cheap cheap parts

    • If you need someone else to assemble and provide directions, that's where the costs go up

    • Na I know my way around my garage pretty good lol.

    • 100 ohm 1/4 watt resistor. Cost about 45 cents American 3 buck Canadian The red and blue wire get joined together and the white is hot all the time. Relay for joining white to brown and grey with resistor between brown and grey. Pick the relay with whatever combination of switches you like. If need be I think I have a diagram I can send

    • That's good info. Thanks! If you have a diagram handy It would probably help.

    • This should do for you. Relay must be rated for 50 amps and remember , when you cut the wiring harness on the ignition switch leave a decent tail on the factory switch in case you want to go back to it