Anyone else leaning there beast this deep. Bout time for some new boards


Anyone else leaning there beast this deep? Bout time for some new boards

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  • Thanks...I had to get used to it because the wife won't learn to ride & she's with me I need to get more used to it

  • There was one one the back. Its all over the curves of Kentucky now

  • @Drew, If you haven't taken one in a while, I'd suggest finding an intermediate or experienced rider training course in your area. Well worth the money to brush up on skills (and if you've never taken any formal training, gain NEW things you didn't realize you didn't know). Usually with the intermediate or experienced courses you can bring your own bike and get more comfortable.

    That might also be an option for your wife, the two of you could take a basic course together.. I see a LOT of couples in the classes out here in Oregon. Even if the wife doesn't want to ride on her own after that, she'll have a better understanding of everything YOU have to do to keep you both safe :)

  • @Joel, you had TWO installed to each floorboard? Wow. Well, you can still switch them to opposite sides and get some more life out of them before having to replace them.

  • They have about reached the limit of structural integrity. Been cruising swap meets looking for replacements and ideas. I think I'm going to go with thinner boards to give me more clearance

  • I only had the “beast” for a few rides before I pulled it apart…

    It’s amazing that you guys have the balls to lean it over that far.

    In my old days riding sport bikes, it wasn’t a problem to lean’er down.

    But this bike is so big, I have a mental block that it’s going to lift the wheel off the ground grinding that hard.


    Although now-a-days, I really don’t ride that fast in general anymore..

    I just don’t feel the urge to push it anymore..

    I guess this bike can get up and go pretty good for a cruiser…

  • Early in march I rode the beastie on a gymkhana. Scraped the frame rolling darkside. somr pics: posts/SvPJn1jhxGy

  • If I were you I'd stick with the stock boards with "sensors"...better ruin them than ruining your frame. You can extend the life of the scratchpads by mounting them with spacers when they're almost gone.

    Picture really made me laugh though :D Seems you're having the same fun riding as I do :)

  • I have properly installed sensors, they just fold until frame hits

  • That's why I protected my frame with sort of a sideskirt. On the right side, at least. Cheap polyester & glassfiber protecting my precious frame :)