Anyone else have a problem with the horn brake light fuse blowing...

Anyone else have a problem with the horn/ brake-light fuse blowing intermittently? Any advice?

  • Have you checked your replacing it with the correct rating fuse?

  • if it blows when pressing the horn the cable is touching the frame.... same with the brake light.... once you've nailed it down a bit check the cabling

  • Correct 10A fuse used. Dealership opened loom. Only sometimes. Replace fuse and run 100kms then all of a sudden blows fuse again. Thought someone can say more or less where in loom to check if they found it? Thanks guys!

  • as the horn cable flexes it is probably where the short is... the horn is under the headstock.... if that looks ok check the plug for the rear light as it could be corroded.... thats under the seat