Anyone else feel a shade edgy when cornering Feels like it s a little twitchy...


Anyone else feel a shade edgy when cornering? Feels like it's a little twitchy to me and not as stable as my bandit used to be

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  • Nik Blakey try Road Pilot 4's, a lot of us swear by those tyres!! Instead of swearing at them!!

  • I seem to corner easier and faster for some reason but the stock dunlops are crap..was gonna put pirelli angel gt's on..had them on my z800 an were awesome but now waivering after seeing several of you lot have the 4's

  • Or T30s if you want h cheaper than Pilot Road 4s. It slower turning but nice and awesome grip wet or dry. Suspension if it's a gen 4 is worth sorting too

  • I have a gen1, mates run pilots on there mto7 and some other shite respectively and they say they're good tires so had thought about it but not really read up enough to switch from what I know which is bt021/023 or avons

  • The BT023's are a good, solid an reliable. Been using them for years in all weather's. But gonna try PR4's next season as so many folk are raving about how good they are.

  • I had 023 on my mk1 bandit 12, we're that good I scraped the studs off the foot pegs but on my zed I feel like I'm gonna fall off and my fanny strips were 2 inch wide until I took the pilly on and now they're little finger sized.

    Never felt unsafe b4 and I know the bike is ok as it's just come back from dealership and I went over it myself so it must be the hoops.

  • BT23S are great on a 600. The T30s are for bigger bikes. Uprated 23s. Can only talk from zx6r or Gen 4s

  • Always had confidence in my BT023's on my gen1 Zed 1000. And have riden in some pretty crappy weather. But if your not confident (and there's nowt worse) then maybe a switch to PR4's?

  • On gen4s we ride the same in the wet as the dry on T30s and PR4S. Always liked my 23s and rode fast in the rain but you forget it's raining with the newer tyres.

  • Our lass's bike has the pr2's on and there is no comparison to the Poxy Dunlops on mine. Can't wait to justify changing them but the front just won't wear down. Grrr !! Reviews say 15000 miles could be possible on PR2's