Anyone deal with Cycle Works Racing

Anyone deal with Cycle Works Racing?

  • Yes Greg at CWR is a GREAT guy.

  • yup A1

  • Awesome. He is the closest shop to where I live that specializes in Tecates. I mailed him my cylinder and head today. Seems very knowledgeable and experienced!

  • You will be happy with his work

  • not bad prices

  • Great guy to deal with!

  • Deff knowledgeable and a great guy does take him a bit sometimes to get things done being he's usually swamped with work but I use him and I work their occasionally you won't be disappointed his porting it some nice work he's done many cylinders for me and having a 330 done as we speak

  • Where is littlestown

  • More less between Gettysburg and york kinda close to Westminster md

  • Ok I got ya

  • Good to hear so much positive feedback! He already seemed like a good choice, but all this support is overwhelming!