Anybody using bar risers. Opinions guy s


Anybody using bar risers?. Opinions guy's

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  • Got mine at DFC and they made the riding position alot better on wrists and back. 20 mins to fit and no rerouting cables etc.

  • They are brill

  • Dfc engineering had mine about a year no more numb hands and you soon get use to them great quality great price 5 *

  • Dfc have been contacted by Genmar over copyright and have stopped making them but I have their link if you wish to purchase the stock they have left,was told not to make it public by DFC as they don't want any hassle £60 posted.

  • Bugger just made it public lol

  • Copyright for a block of ally and a couple of screws what a load of bollocks maybe they should charge a sensible price and then we wouldn't buy elsewhere

  • Genmar probably just feel threatened by someone doing a better product at a cheaper price.

  • I have genmar ones as others not available at time and caps went rust pitted in no time. Crap chrome. I expected better at price. Looks crap esp as right in your face all the time when riding

  • anybody got a pair for sale?

  • Yeah, stainless steel would be great for looks, just the cost would be too much.