anybody knows if an exaust from a zx14 from 2009 2010 fitts on a zzr1400 from...

anybody knows if an exaust from a zx14 from 2009/2010 fitts on a zzr1400 from 2005-2006?? thanks..

  • 06-07 header hAve no cats ... 08 -11 do anything in those years will work together you need to play with the mid pipe gasket if you use 06-07 header with 08-11 slip ons

  • Different diameter because of no cats in the header for 06-07

  • Do you know the difference between the pipes?? Maybe i can look for some kind of socket

  • What are you trying to do exactly ?

  • I used 06-07 headers with 08-11 slip ons It's very close but you need a custom shim no big deal

  • i have vance and hines cs one slip ons on my 2011 and he is wanting to buy them for his 06. but i don't think they will fit without taking them to an exhaust shop. correct?

  • Try to fit a slip on set from a 2010 zx14 on a zzr from 06.. Just want to know before i buy them.. thnx for the help..

  • I did it myself It will work but ya something custom a 2 inch galvanized with a flare cut off just the flared piece a little fuckn around but well worth it. Stainless shim would be better. Tell him he wants them

  • Any header will bolt right up on any year 06-11 it's the mid pipe gasket that is the issue but with a little farting around any combo will work 06 -07 header is better for slip ons no cats

  • Full systems are 06 -11 .. See what I'm saying