• anybody know what length risers I can put on to where I WON T have to change my...

    anybody know what length risers I can put on to where I WON'T have to change my cables? Yes I know I'll have to drill holes in the top plate of the nacelle but I already have that part figured out.

    • Donald I was thinking of going ape but I love the feel of the factory bars. Just need them raised a little. I'm 6'4", but I have short ass legs and a LONG torso. People laugh when I tell them that my pants are between a 29" & 30" length! Casey I have the 2005 limited so I know i'll have to drill the holes. Bare what do U think?

    • Dan what seat do you have ?

    • Dan Rotate them up to 31" from the floor boards

    • Dan i just sold a 05 Limited to a guy who was 5' 8' the stock bares at 31" from the floor boards with mustang seat and a back rest fit him like aglove

    • I have the fire & steel gel seat Bare...

    • Anyone have beach bars? I would like to try them but not sure they would fit with stock length controls.

    • I have mini apes and the factory clutch cable works fine

    • I put the risers I had on my Nomad on my bike

      I think it was 2 up and 1 back

    • I went 19" high & 48" wide apes.

      If your gonna do it, do it right!!!!

    • They look damn good Dave. I donyt think I would like them that high. I love the look of em.